We turn waste into infrastructure.

At Wasteful, we have developed a way to use the waste of the city we live in and put it back into the sidewalks we all use in a healthy and long-lasting pavement.

Pavers “Pixels

The pavers are inspired by ancient Roman mosaics, but with a slightly more modern style - like a pixel. They can be used to create images or write messages.

example: a square embroidered like “Shevitza”

Draw it

"Pixels" allow you to create images for any age.

Write it

Each pave can be used to write a message.

Brand it

A logo or symbol may be designed on the surface.

“Imagine one day to walk on the street of your own town
and this street is made from recycled waste”

Watch a short teaser of our idea and long-term vision of Wasteful.

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Mission Statement

“Wasteful is founded on the belief that recycled products should be simply beautiful, geeky functional and always provoking actions towards ourselves and our Earth.”

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